Papers & Research Projects

Establishing Legitimate Membership within a Community of Practice through Comembership

I created this poster for the class EDUC 546 – Sociolinguistics in Education by Professor Nelson Flores during the Spring 2015 term. Drawing on classroom observations, students’ replies to an online survey, and the teachers’ interview answers, this project seeks to answer the question how students and teachers position themselves within a community of practice (CoP) and what role the notion of comembership plays within that process.



The Label ‘Refugee’ and its Impact on School Practices in Australia and the United States

I wrote this paper during the Fall 2016 term for the class PSCI 798 – International Migration, Diasporas and Development taught by Professor Devesh Kapur. This paper first analyzes the “duality of the term refugee” (Ludwig, 2013), looking at the difference between the legal status and the social label. In a second step, it then takes a closer look at how this duality actually impacts education experiences of individuals in Australia and the United States.

You can find my paper here.

‘Refugee Struggle for Freedom’ – A Community Organizing Campaign

This paper analyzes a recent movement in Germany that seeks to organize refugees to stand up for their equal rights in society. I analyzed this community organizing campaign as my final project for the class SWRK 736 – Building Community Capacity taught by David Koppisch. This project offered the unique opportunity to look very closely at a still ongoing campaign in Southern Germany and connect it to my recent internship experiences and theories I had studied during my first year as a graduate student.

You can find my paper here.

 Traces of Orientalism at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

I wrote this paper as my final project for the class EDUC 545 – Museum Education by Professor Veronica Aplenc during the 2017 Spring term. In this paper I use Edward Said’s work Orientalism as a lens to analyze parts of the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s permanent exhibition. This project offered the unique opportunity to connect theories of museum education, art history, and intercultural communication.

You can find my paper here.