Workshop Designs

Experiential Learning Design Workshop – Educating Refugee Children

I designed this workshop together with my fellow ICC students Julia Carboni and Sydney Negus for the class EDUC 593 – Experiential Learning Design for Intercultural Communication, taught by Sarah Peyton Kaufman in the spring term 2016. The workshop was designed for an audience of (future) educators and seeks to raise awareness for the needs of refugee student populations in U.S. classrooms. The idea for this specific topic was developed with current political conflicts and the 2015 European refugee crisis in mind.

Throughout the process of designing this workshop, Julia, Sydney and I divided all tasks evenly between the three of us. We set ourselves weekly deadlines and met once a week to coordinate research and planning. We facilitated this workshop as our final class presentation in April 2016 with our classmates taking on the roles of participants. Similar to our planning process, we divided responsibilities for the facilitation equally between the three of us, each of us covering about 30 minutes of the 90 minutes workshop.

You can find a detailed documentation of our workshop here.

You can find my personal reflection on this project here.

Communication and Culture in Context – Communicating in a Multicultural / Multilingual Classroom

I designed this workshop as my final project for the class EDUC 650 – Communication and Culture in Context, taught by Professor Anne Pomerantz in the spring term 2016 . While the workshop “Educating Refugee Children,” which I designed in collaboration with fellow ICC students, focuses specifically on the needs of refugee populations in U.S. classrooms, this workshop focuses more generally on immigrant populations within German classrooms. Again, having the 2015 European refugee crisis in mind, I designed this workshop for an audience of German teachers who are confronted with highly diverse classrooms and varying levels of German proficiency among their students.

You can find the detailed design for this workshop here.